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sam peedin english

Carrie Underwood

Albums:2005- Some hearts (315,000 albums sold)2007-Carnival Ride (527,000 albums sold)2009- Play on (318,000 albums sold)2012-Blown Away (267,000 albums sold within the first week)

Not only has her music career sky rocketed, but she has influenced so many people. Her lyrics and songs relate to so many people but basically target girls. Her music genre is 99.9% country which honetly has helped many girls get through any situation. When ever i feel sad or even really happy i listen to her music to escape from it all and relax. Her words relate to listeners and this makes more and more enoy her and her songs.

Foundations:-Founder of Checotah Animal, Town, and School Foundation ($470,000)-Spokesperson for the Pedigree Adoptive Drive - Donated over $10,000 for Animal Shelters-Furthered the Acadamy of Country Music Lifting Lived Temporary Home Fund in 2010. Helped recover from the Tenn. Flood. -Donated over $140,130 towards the St. Judes Hospital.

Carried Underwod was first known by winning season 5 of American Idol and from there, her music carrerr exteneded so far. Some awards include: Multi Platinum recording artist, Entertainer of the year in 2010, made the Oklahoma Hall of Fame in 2009, hit the Billboard Top Song multiple times with different tracks, and has sold over millions of copies of her CD's throughout the years.



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