Sam Mijal

by LaurieH
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Language Arts

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Sam Mijal

Onomatopoeia:Roar! Roar!

Born:South AmericaNow:Bozeman, MT, US

Soledad:She shows happyness when Ricky helps her keep warm.

Ben:Ben began to make books after his teachers told he had good ideas but needed to right better. He began making books at around 8 or 9 yrs old. Later he became a writer and reader. Today many people read his books.

Ben likes:Bears, Planes, Dolphins, and the North Pole.

Simile:The air was as cold as ice.

Ricky:Ricky shows sadness when he finds out his mom was murdered and his dad never told him.

Theme:Couage, really goes with the book because Ricky (the main character) goes to a bad place and almost gets killed!

Ben Mikaelsen

Buffy-1/26/1984 -- 9/1/2010(Bens Bear)

Idiom:Its deathly cold!!

Rickys Dad:Rickys dad shows gladness when his son steals the plane.



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