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Sam kiebadroodis scieance project

All About Silicon

Societal Applications-pure silicon is used in solar cells to absorb the energy from the sun-Used in microchips-used in electronic devices -used in medical implants-used to make bricks, glass, cars-it protects the car with a water proof coating.

Physical Properties-luster-Melting Point:1414 OC-Boiling Point:2900OC-state at room:solid-Density:2.23g/cm-Silicon has a higher density in its liqiud state than solid state -colour:silvery-semi-conducter[1]Chemical Properties-Metaloid-combines with metals and non metals -combines with oxygne and makes Si02-dissolves in nitric acids and hydrofluoric acids[1]

in 1824 in sewden silicon was discovered by Jons Jakob Berzelius 31 years later the crystalized form was created by Devile. the origin of the name for silicon is from a latin word "silex" means "flint". It is basically sand and rock therefore was used by human before it was discovered but it was used in the electrical circuits and transistors for the first time after its discovery.[2].

Fun Facts-second most abundent element in the earth's crust-Silicon is vital for life-silicon is important for the production of steel.-silicon is one of the main elements in meteorites-its very rare to find it as a pure substance-silicon is widely used in medical implants as a biomaterial-silicon patches and ointmentments are recommanded by surgeons to be used to fade scars in human body

Rutherford-Bohr Diagram for Silicon

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Use of the Silicon on Microelectroniccsabove isthe picture of a microchip

silicosis is a lung disease and professionals who inhale silicon in the mines have this disease.[3]

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