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Sam Houston

Samuel Houston was born on March 2, 1793, near Lexington, Virginia. From 1813 to 1814, he fought in the Creek War and was wounded at Horseshoe Bend. He was elected to Congress in 1823 and 1825. In 1827, he became Tennessee governor. He was made the first president of the Republic of Texas in 1836 and was re-elected in 1841. From 1849 to 1859, he was a Texas state senator. He died on July 26, 1863, in Huntsville, Texas.

Battle of San Jacinto

1793 - Born 1823-1825 - Elected to Congress1835-1836 - Helped Texas in Texas Revolution1836- First President of Texas1841 - Re-electedas President1849-1859 - Texas State Senator1863 - Died

The Alamo and Goliad cost the rebels dearly in terms of manpower and morale. Houston's army was finally ready to take the field, but he still had only about 900 soldiers, far too few to take on General Santa Anna's Mexican army. He dodged Santa Anna for weeks, drawing the ire of the rebel politicians: they called him a coward. In mid-April 1836, Santa Anna unwisely divided his army: Houston caught up with him near the San Jacinto River. Houston surprised everyone by ordering an attack on the afternoon of April 21. Surprise was complete and it was a total rout: 700 Mexicans - about half of the total - were killed. The others were captured, including General Santa Anna. Although most of the Texans wanted to execute Santa Anna, Houston did not permit it. Santa Anna soon signed a treaty recognizing Texas' independence which basically ended the war.

Lasting Impact

After a lifetime of service to his country, the event for which he is most well known is his role in the independence of Texas how this person has affected our world and lives still today.

" Remember the Alamo"

Agapito Castaneda Jr.

Sam Houston was an important individual in the Texas Revoulution that shaped the history of Texas.





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