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Sam Gordon

Sam is a girl, and football is a guy sport.Coaches thought she was very good and everyone seemed like they wanted her on their team. But then the day came and no one picked her until the B5 team took her. She prooved to everyone that she is a beastly player.Her dad then made a highlight video of her and she became famous because of it.

Sam became famous from playing football. She was on many TV broadcasts. She met tons of famous people and walked on the red carpet. Also, she attented the Super Bowl and got to sit in a luxrious seat.

Her family encourages her to do her best. Her stepmom drives her to and from practices. Brothers were tough on her and treated her like one of the boys.Always has been a smart kid and a hard worker.Grew up in Idaho and then moved to Utah. She plays football, soccer and basketball. Loves to play outside and with boys.

Star= superstar, famous and bright personalitySoccer Cleats= goal to play on U.S National soccer teamSuper Bowl trophy= went to super bowl and sat in the VIP sectionTelevision= starred in many talk shows Hotel= travel with familyRed Carpet= famous very quick on youtube Jersey number 6= Role model is Luke Stanley and #6 is her football number

Sam Gordon

Personal Life



Futher informationSam is still playing football, soccer and basketball.She is working hard to meet her goals. These goals are to play on the Women's National Soccer team and own a pet store one day.


Determined- never gives up and wanting to prove to everyone that she was better than B5Leader- 1 of 3 captains on her football teamGrateful- Coach Staib taught her how to believe in hersself and her stepmom is helpful in every way

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