Sam Adams

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Sam Adams

When he was fourteen, Sam entered Harvard University where he studied politics and history. He graduated with a master's degree in 1743. He soon learned that he was an awful business man, but was a great politician. Sam later formed the Sons of Liberty. The Sons of Liberty became an influential group in organizing the patriots against the British. Some of the protests they did were hanging life-size dolls that looked like a British tax agent and they threw rocks through British windows.The Sons of Liberty movement spread throughout the colonies. The group in New York City was especially strong and used violent protests to scare loyalists during the Revolutionary War.After the Boston massacre, Sam worked to get the British removed from the city. He also organized a way of communication for the patriots to contact one another. Even after the British repealed the stamp act, they continued placing taxes on the colonists, such as the tea act. On December 17, 1773 Adams gave a speech to a number of patriots and members of the Sons of Liberty. Later, Sam and the patriots dumped all of the tea into the Boston Harbor, known as the Boston Tea Party. Sam was selected to represent the Massachusetts colony at the First Continental Congress in 1774. They gathered to send a letter to King George III in protest of the taxes and they also planned to meet again. Sam helped arrange the minute men for the revolutionary war.Adams attended the Second Continental Congress in 1776 where he signed the Declaration of Independence. He also helped to write the Articles of the Confederation.


1722- He was born1764- Argued the sugar act1772 -Caused Boston tea party1776 - Helped draft and sign the consitution1803 - Died

Sam formed the Sons of Liberty because he was outraged that the British would tax the colonists without any representaion. He helped to organize the Stamp Act Congress held in New York where the colonies planned a unified response to the Stamp Act.Sam had a meating for the patriots, and the people demanded that the British tea ships leave the harbor, and they dumped all of the tea into the Boston Harbor.Sam signed the Declaration of Independence and helped write the Articles of confederation.

Lasting Impact

Sam Adams is a very important part of American history and will always be remembered as a hero and a true patriot.





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