Salvo D'Acquisto

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Salvo D'Acquisto

In September of 1943, shortly after the remnants of the Italian government officially rescinded their alliance with the Axis, a German SS division was stationed near a derelict military installation in an area under the jurisdiction of Salvo's outpost.On September 22 two of these German soldiers were caught in an explosion while inspecting boxes of abandoned munitions. One was wounded and the other killed. The next day 23 Italian people were captured to be killed in reprisal. D'Acquisto offered himself in their place, claiming responsability for the bombingand letting the innocent go free..

* A film, Salvo D'Acquisto (1974), was made about his sacrifice, directed by Romula Guerrieri and starring Massimo Ranieri* An Italian postage stamp was issued in 1975 to commemorate him* There are monuments honoring Salvo D'Acquisto in his native Naples and other towns.


Valentina PietrarcaI.C. 'L.Montini'- Campobasso

- He was born in Naples- He was the eldest son of eight children- His father worked in a chemistry factory- He left school at 14, as working-class boys did in those days- In 1939 during the Fascist period, he enrolled in the Carabinieri and left for Libya the next year, a few months before the start of the Second World War. He was wounded but remained in his division until he contracted malaria- In 1942 he returned to Italy, was sent to officer school and graduated as a vice-sergeant - He was assigned to an output in Torrimpietra, a little rural center not far from Rome


A military hero


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