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Salvador Dali

At the age of 18 Dali to Mardrid to go study more about art.In 1929, joined the surrealists, and together with Magritte he rapidly developde the visual surrealist styleHe worked with Hitchcook, Disney and photograph Man Ray

May 11, 1904- Salvador Dali was born.1922- Dali moved to Madrid to study to world of artJanuary 23, 1989- Salvador Dali died.

Style of Art

Dali painted realism, surrealism and abstract artwork that made him a amazing artist



Salvador Dali


Christ of Saint John of the Cross

The Face of War

The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used As a Table

Landscape Near figueras

Important Events

Influenced in Dali life

"The man with the famous stace"

Background: The Lugubrious Game

The Basket of Bread

Garcia Lorca a famous poet writer influenced him in his life because he loves poetry Luis Buñ uel a flim maker who influenced his life of being a film-maker in a part of his time being a artist Diego Velázquez inspired him to grow his his famous moustache, which became his trademark. During a few years, Dalí was noticeably influenced by Picasso and Miró (Dalí and Picasso met in Paris in 1926).


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