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Diagnosis ProcedureSalmonellosis is dignosed from a medical history and physical exam.You get asked questions from your doctor from what you recently have eaten.TreatmentDehydration caused by diarrhea is very common and to treat it you have to have some rehydration drinks. To not get any bad infection you need to stay with your usual diet. avoiding spicy food , junk food and alcohol will make you feel better sooner. Preventive Measures To prevent salmonellosis dont eat raw meat if it is too red dont eat it and ask if they could cook it a little more. Raw egg is another way of getting salmonellosis and to prevent it always check if your egg is uncooked it is okey to be soft in case of being scrambled eggs but not uncooked.


Federica & Matias May 2013 6A #4 #21

Signs and SymptomsYou can realize you have Salmonella when you have Nausea , Fever, Diarrhea ,Chills, Abdominal pain , Muscle pain ,and Blood in the stool.

Causes Some causes are raw meat ,raw egg , Poultry, Fruits, Vegetables and Sea food.OrganizationS.T.O.P safe tables our priority, based on giving public education,victim assistance and mainly not expired food.

ConclusionWe can make people conscious of the disease by making many posters of how you can get Salmonellosis. We can also make a big organization in which everybody in the city knows about. For example , doing a festival in the streets but not exactly a festival , lots of people gathered with posters about that. Informing about how serious the Salmonella can get to be. here


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