Salmonella spp.

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Salmonella spp.

BackgroundSalmonellosis is an infection with bacteria called Salmonella. Salmonella is actually a group of bacteria. The most common in the United States are Salmonella serotype Typhimurium and Salmonella serotype Enteritidis. Salmonella germs have been known to cause illness for over 100 years.

OFFENSESAttackTransmitted to humans by eating foods contaminated with animal feces, of some pets, especially thosewith diarrhea, such as reptiles— turtles, lizards, and snakes, as well as, chicks and young birds. The bacteria primarily attacks the intestine.

Salmonella spp.

Incubation 12—72 hours

DEFENSESBehavoral Wash hands, kitchen work surfaces, and utensils with soap and water immediately after being in contact with raw meat or poultry. Avoid direct or even indirect contact between reptiles, Wash hands after handling reptiles, birds, or baby chicks, or coming into contact with pet feces.

OFFENSESOutcomeAcute phase: develop diarrhea, fever,and abdominal cramps. Toxic Phase: diarrhea may be so severe that the patient needs to be hospitalized. In these patients, the infection may spread from the intestines to the blood stream, and then to other body sites and can cause death unless the personis treated promptly with antibiotics.

DEFENSESTreatment Gastrointestinal infections usually resolve itself in 5‐7 days, most people do not require treatment other than oral fluids. Persons with severe diarrhea may require rehydration with intravenous fluids.Vaccine N/A

Duration 4—7 days


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