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Sally's 21st Century Glog

What are 21st Century Learners? 21st Century learners are the future of our society and today's children are on the forefront of this new way of learning, living and working in our global society. Teaching these learners will not only require staying up to date on rapidly changing technology, but also meeting the needs of the these learners in all areas of their lives.

My Thoughts about these Learners

Authors: Claudia Wallis & Sonja Steptoe

Reading report

Name: Sally McIntyre Date: July 2, 2014

What is a 21st Century learner?

Am I prepared for the 21st century classroom? I hope so. Learning from my own kids has helped me to stay on top of what students are doing outside of school to help them in the classroom. Helping them to develop good people and communication skills, using new ideas to create solutions, and learning about the world. Not just there community. These things are important for them to be able to become global citizens.

Am I prepared?

Title: How to Bring Our Schools Out of the 20th Century.

My Classroom

More of My Classroom

What else do we need to think about?

As 21st Century TeacherMy classroom will have lots of technology for my students to use as tools in their learning. However, learning can be accomplished with what ever tools are available. It is the instruction that shows how those tools in their learning that will make learning possible. My instruction will include hands on and project based learning.

While it is important to meet the technological needs of 21st Century learners, it is also important to meet their other needs. These needs are less quantifiable and may be just as simple as having a quite place to unplug from the digital world. Therefore, it is ok to have things like analog clocks, pencils and paper, glue and paint and things like that in your classroom. These tactile items will facilitate the hands on learning and give my students a chance to cbe creative.

A 21st century learner is so much more that just the technology that they will use. These learners still need to learn the simple things to be successful. Reading, writing, math, and spelling are just as important as how to create a webpage. Being good citizens of our world is also just as important as being tech savvy. This is were the communication and collaboration skills that we need to teach them become important. Cultural awerness and global thinking are also pertinant to these skills.

I like technology!



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