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Sally Ridenew

Physicist ' Educator


Sally Ride received a tennis scholarship to Westlake school for girls in Los Angeles. She was graduating from Stanford with degrees in physics and English when she saw an ad in her school's paper for astronauts. NASA was looking for engineers and scientists and now women were eligible to apply.





Sally Ride grew up playing with a chemistry set and was very much supported by her parents.

Born in Encino, California

Sally Ride

Applies for a job at NASAy

Died July 23, 2012

* She trained by parachute jumping, water survival, weightlesness, radio communications and navigations. * Her first flight happened on June 18, 1983 at the Kennedy Space Center on the Challenger. It was inspirational for all, being the first American women to fly into space. * Though, she was not the first woman - Valentina Tereshkova was the first female Cosmonaut in 1963. Her second flight, an eight day mission was on October 5, 1983. * The last trip cancelled because the Challenger exploded in June, 1986.

National Women's Hall of Fame


Sally Ride taught physics at the University of California Space Institute. She also opened The Sally Ride Company. She was a great role model for children especially young girls. Her company provides students with math, science and techonolgy programs in elementary and middle schools. Programs like STEM and EARTHKAM help students learn science and science with the integration of technology.

Sally Ride dies of Pancreatic Cancer at 61 years old. She is a great role model to everyone becuase of her accomplishments and hard work.


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