[2015] giselle iniguez: Sally Ride

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[2015] giselle iniguez: Sally Ride

Sally Ride

Introduction, D.Y.K/ about her

In Space

Sally Ride

Imagine you met Sally Ride. Then she asked you if you wanted to go on a mission with her, to go explore Outer space. Sally Ride is very famous, because of her job as an astronaut. Read more to learn incredible facts about Sally Ride.In 1983 astronaut and astrophysicist Sally Ride became the first american woman in space abord the space shuttle Challenger. Ride died on July 23 2010 at the age of 61, following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

Sally Ride was born om May 26 1951, Sally Ride grew up in Los Angles and went to Stanford University, where she was a double major in physics and English. Ride received bachelor's degree.


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