Salisbury Cathedral

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Salisbury Cathedral

1. The Tower2. Spire3. Ambulatroy/Small Chapels4. Stained Glass Windows5. Clerestory Windows/Arches6. Pointed Arches7. Nave8. Columns/Piers9. Buttresses10. Transept

1. Salisbury Cathedralin2. Salisbury, England

5. Gothic Architecture

1220-Construction Begun1320- Cathedral opens38 Years

Gothic architectural styles were flourishing and influential in the late midieval times. These styles were characterized by expanded spaces, pointed arches, stained glass windows, and the use of light. The Salisbury Cathedral incorporates all these components including flying buttresses, the ambulatory/small chapels, the tower, and the spire. These were not places to fear, in fact, they were as well put and beautiful as a wedding cake; Filled with beautiful layers and light.

7. History

The foundation stone was arrived in the cathedrals location on April 28 1220 . Much of the money used to build the cathedral was donated. As a result of the high water table in the new location, the cathedral was built on only four feet of foundations, and by 1258 the nave,transepts, and choir were complete. The west front was ready by 1265. The cloisters and chapter house were completed around 1280. Most of the cathedral was built in only 38 years, it has a single consistent architectural style, known as Early English Gothic.

4. Gothic Features

3. Timeline

8. ***Lost some of its original decoration and furnishings, including stained glass and small chapels, and new things have been added.***


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