Sales Strategies

by DeenaKelly
Last updated 7 years ago

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Sales Strategies

Attitude in Selling is Everything

Be an Expert Advisor

You are the content expert. YOU know Glogster, and bring so much to the table.Customer responses to your attitude and help are phenomenal, so it's natural that you can sell.Support is here for you, with an ear, with advise and with training. We WANT you to be successful, and we believe in YOU! :)

We need to build rapport: Sales requires follow up and follow through. One isolated conversation, phone call or email is not going to do it. Set follow up reminder tasks as you are working your leads/opportunities. It is important to keep in touch, stay on their radar.

Solve by providing solutions: Show EMPATHY. When a prospect expresses interest in Glogster, they have some sort of need or concern and need our help. Demonstrating empathy will help buid a relationship and show that you genuinely care about them.

Ask questions to generate interest: Ask questions and LISTEN to the answers. Too often we are so eager to tell prospective clients about ourselves and what we do, that we fail to find out about THEM and their NEEDS. Ask questions, listen to the answers and then show how you can help them achieve their goals.

Recognize and Deal with Objections



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