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Salems lot

By: Stephen King

CharactersBen Mears- A novelist. The main character of the book. Discovers the truth about Jerusalem's Lot.Susan Nortan- Pretty young blonde girl. She's been a fan of Ben's books and she fell in love with him.Mark Petrie- A boy who is a geek for monster books.Richard Throckett Straker- An old man. Very strange and mysterious. Tall, bald, sneeky and suave.Matt Burkers- A old friend of Ben. He's a 63-year old English teacherKurt Barlow- Is the master to Straker. Basically like Dracula but more creepy and nasty.

SummarySalem's Lot, created by Stephen King, comes to Ben Mears, a novelist coming back to his hometown, Jerusalem's Lot. He was suppose to write a book at a haunted house that led him to mysterious missings and murders. After the appearence of Ben, a boy named Danny Glick has been recently found dead. Lots of people tell Ben you should never come back and go away but Ben stays. At night, people start to see Danny Glick, at the window, ask to be let in. But he is no longer the little boy they knew. Danny has become a blood-thirsty vampire. Ben joins with Matt, his lover Susan, little boy Mark and Father Callahan to discover the cause the killings and how to stop the plague of vampires before it gets them.

Salem's Lot

When you get to the book, you probaly know that the book would have a vampire in it from different covers. But these vampires are very haunting and give you chills. The book rates at a 4.5 to 5 stars. This is what horror story is truly all about. It not just about the 'gore' or too much blood, but the plot is a suspenseful story.


Mason Straker

Ben Mears

Jerusalem's Lot.The Marsten House

Kurt BarlowThe Main Vampire

1979, Salem's Lot TrailerWarning: Creepy, Disturbing


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