Salem Witch Trials

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Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Trials

Those persecuted for practicing witchcraft included Salem residents who deviated in some way from Puritan religious, cultural, or economic norms.

19 people were hung in February 1692.

Those who lived near Ipswich Road were merchants, blacksmiths etc. They supported the economical changes. One of the main families to denounce the changes was the Putnams. They were the influencial source of witchcraft accusations. (see chart below).

Nearly 200 people were accused of practicing witchcraft in Salem during the summer of 1692. Twenty accused witches were executed, 15 women and men.

(See the picture above) When the girls who suffered from violent convulsions regained control of their senses, they complained of being bitten, pinched kicked, and tormented by apparations that would visit them in the night.

16-year-old Elizabeth Knapp saw apparitions and experienced violent "fits". In the midist of one fit, she called the minister "a great black rougue" who "tell[s]the people a company of lies".

The minister answered back, "Satan, thou art a liar and a deciever, and God will vindicate his own truth one day."

Pastor Samuel Parris proclaimed, "In this very church, God knows how many Devils there are!" As parents began searching for the witches.


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