Salem witch trials

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Salem witch trials


Born on October 18, 1679 in Salem Village, Massachusetts, the oldest child of Thomas Putnam and Ann Carr Putman. Ann was highly intelligent, well educated, smart, quick on her feet.

Ann Putnam, Jr. in (1679-1716) - At the age of 12 Ann Putnam, Jr. played a crucial role in the witchcraft trials of 1692 as one of the first three children affected by the witchcraft. Ann and six other females had been chosen Tituba. As Ann

This picture was when three people were accused and arrested for allegedly afflicting Betty Parris, Abigail Williams, 12-year-old Ann Putnam, Jr., and Elizabeth Hubbard were Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne and Tituba. Ann Putnam Jr. one who accused have historians see as evidence by family bunch at the trial. This may have been a major cause of the Witch Trials. Salem was the home of a vicious rivalry between the Putnam and Porter families.

Ann Putnam Jr., of Salem, passed away on June 29th , 1716.She was born on October 18 1679, in Salem. Her parents were Thomas and Ann Putnam sr. of Salem Essex MA. She was well educated and was in a group called the circle girls.Ann Putnam was the leader of the circle girls. The circle girls were the young girls that were selected for accusations sparked the salem witch trials.Ann was not married, after her parents passed away she was forced to take care of her 9 adopted siblings for the rest of her life, at the age of 19.During the life of Ann Putnam jr.she was an accuser at the age of 12. She spent all her life testifing and accusing the peolple of Salem for practicing witchcraft. She had been in the case of witches attempting to slice her throat. had one close friend which was also employe of the circles, Abigal williams who help and testified suspects with Ann.At the age of 19 the Ann was done with the witch trials. Parents just passed away with an unknown infectious disease ,so that left Ann having to take care of her 9 adopted siblings. Deliverance Putnam, Timothy Putnam, Sarah Putnam, Elizabeth Putnam, Abigail Putnam, Thomas Putnam, Ebenezer Putnam, Susanna Putnam, Child Putnam.22 years later Ann passed away at the age of 37, on June 29th, 1719, Salem Essex MA.


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