Salem Witch Trials

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Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Trials1692

The Salem Witch Trials Afflicted girls were!) Elizebeth Parris, 92)Betty Parris, 93) Abigail Williams, 114) Anne Putnum5)Mary Warren6) Martha Goodwin7) Mercy Lewis8)Mary Wolcott9) Abigail Williams

The Afflicted Girls

The Salem Witch Trials took place in Massachusettea. The cause was a couple girls wanting stories from their slave named Tituba. She told the girls many enchanting tale such as the supernatural. Once the parents noticed the girl's strange behavior, they brought in the doctor.Not wanting anyone to find out that they broke puritan rules, they acted out as if they were possessed by one of Tituba's "spells"Later the girls accused Tituba and that led to the trials of 24 innocent people.

24 people lost their lives.19 were hung.4 died in was pressed to death.

EffectsThe effects of the witch hunt are all the people that lost their lives because of the accusations of the girls.Another noteable effect is the people that were sentenced to death lost their property and belongings, which would be auctioned off to people of the town.

CausesThe causes of the witch hunts were to rid the town of evil.Another cause would be the sneakiness of a group of young girls.The most important cause is the fact that the main religion was Puritan.

PuritanThe puritan religion was the main religion in Salem, Massachusettes.Puritans were people who wanted to purify or reform the American Church.

What I think happened.What I think was wrong with the girls was that they lied about a lot of people, which lead to many people's deaths.I believe that a few of the girls did actually think they were possesed. BUT they did not have the right to accuse inocent people.


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