salem witch trails

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salem witch trails

Elizabeth was sopposed to be hanged with her husband but she bleeded her belly, she was with child.She was pardon and was left to rise her 6 thru 11 kids in poverty alone. It was said she named had her last child in jail named John Procter III.

Elizabeth as six to eleven kids was married to John Procter who was very wealthy when family got joules they accused Elizabeth of witchcraft.

Elizabeth was acused of apearing in a nurse dream and making her sign the devils book. On april 11, 1693 Procters was taken to jail to await trail. John Procter stood in trail defending her wife along with Daniel Elliotty fighting for Elizabeth innocence...........................................


John procter , Elizabeth Procter husband was hanged on June 10. After procting his wife faithfully in court was accused of being a witch

Elizabeth childrens name was never recorded but it was known she was poor and still persucted after trialed. Her death also unknowed by resources

Elizabeth Proctor 1650-1692


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