[2014] Emily Falge (mango 2014): Salem Witch Hunt

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[2014] Emily Falge (mango 2014): Salem Witch Hunt

20 were killed

Christians belivedDevil gave witchespower to harm

Punishments includedhanging and being burnedat the stake

March 1st-September 22nd 1692

Over 200 accusations

Young girls having "fits" would scream, throw things, utter peculiar sounds, contort themselves into strange postitions, and sometimes mention the names of people. No known disease included these symptoms, so doctors blamed the supernatural. People whose names were mentioned were most often tried.

Salem, Massachusetts

Hangings took place at Gallows Hill

Even young girls were tried

Young girls had "fits"and people blamed witchcraft

People still hunted for witches until the 1900s



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