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Salem Dialy

May 11th 1692

Salem Daily

Witches in SalemThe Witch Trials in Salem are still going on and are showing no signs of letting up or showing mercy. The Trials started when a local priest's daughter and niece began having seizure like episodes and the only explanation is witchcraft, although controversial, the executions are still taking place.

WitchesIf you have any suspicions about seeing a witch, please contact authorities IMMEDIATLY. If you harbor or protect a witch, you will be put in jail for treason and possibly executed as well.

Sarah OsborneSarah Osborne died in jail yesterday at the age of 49. She was prosecuted and found guilty to witchcraft. She was put in jail March, 1st.

Map of Salem Massachusets

Preist's daughter having seizure during court.

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Debate in the courthouse about the Witch Trials.


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