Sakamoto Ryoma

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Sakamoto Ryoma

Why and is Ryoma so popular today?

Sakamoto Ryoma(1836-1867) He was an anti Tokugawa samurai.

Sakamoto Ryoma- 坂本龍馬 1836-1867

What was some important events that influenced Ryomas life?

Who were important factors in Ryomas life?

Video of two people showing the art of Kendo.

What did Sakamoto influence in society?

Sakamoto Ryoma played a big role in Japanese society and had a large following for his many visions for the future and therefore influenced many people and changes in society that can still be seen today, but what was the main thing that Sakamoto influnced in Japanese society and culture. "A great plan the eight point plan" Sakamoto Ryoma was born into a low class samurai family and experienced the separation between different classes in society and the unfairness that occurred due to the social heirachy. He influnced the idea of equality in society and decided to change the heirachy in society by introducing the Eight point plan. The eight point plan was to an idea to create an independent country without feudal trappings. The eight point plan includes eight ideas that should be established to create fairness and harmony in society. These include:- Laws should be established to equalise values of gold,silver and goods from foreign countries-The navy should be expanded and developedAll these ideas were established to improve society and bring Japanese culture up to date with the rest of the world. The eight point plan has been used throughout Japanese culture and is a massive change in society for the better. Sakamoto Ryoma was a huge influence in society from various aspects such as political, cultural and social. Ryoma unmoored tsociety and was one of the biggest influences on society and helped to make Japan a larger and better society and country all because of Ryoma.

Artefact: Ryoma letter written to sister before his assassination

Sakamotos Ryoma wrote a long letter to his sister prior to his assassination. This primary source leads us to understand the relationship between Sakamotos and his sister as well as being able to understand his feelings towards establishing a new government. Due to this being a primary source this letter reveals Sakamotos true feelings towards the government however he was against the government and therefore was a little biased towards the government and the people working there. This source was produced in 1867 around the same time as the French military mission to Japan, as well as many art artefacts from this time which were produced in this time. This time period influenced the language and the layout of this letter due to the paper and format that were available then. This source was written for his immediate family and is not for the general public due to the words used and the expressed feelings involved. This source used negative language showing the need for establishing a new government. Imagery is used throughout this piece to allow people to understand the need for a new government. Imagery emphasises this idea and proves Ryomas point.


Sakamotos Ryomas gravesite

Sakamotos Ryomas sword used in Kendo

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Who were important factors in Ryomas life? During the coarse of Sakamotos life due to his high position Ryoma met many very influential people who guided Ryoma and played a big role in his life. Ryoma was influenced throughout his life by powerful and low class people but all of them led to Ryoma and the choices he made in his lifetime. "Ryoma you must keep these three things in mind. First you must practice harder. Secondly do not waste money. Thirdly in Edo there are a lot of beautiful girls, do not fall in love with them easily. All you have to do is practice Kendo" From a young age Ryomas dad introduced and got him involved in Kendo. Kendo is a modern Japanese martial art which descended from swordsmanship. And focuses on improving ones spirit and body. Ryomas dad was a key role in Ryoma progressing in Kendo and making it a career and becoming one of the best swordsman's in the world. Ryoma is mainly remembered for his great swordsmanship skills and changed the worlds approach of Kendo as well as influencing many people to start practicing Kendo. This is all because of his dad who inspired him and aspired him to start Kendo. Ryoma played a large part in many people's lives however Ryoma had many people who influenced him and played a large role in his life. Ryoma met lots of people from his early years and throughout his career and we can now see that Ryoma ended up doing many things in his life due to many people who influenced him.

Why and is Ryoma so popular today? Ryoma is known throughout Japanese culture and is a person who caught the attention of many people before, after as well as during the time he was alive however why was Ryoma so popular? What was it that he contributed to society that caught the attention of so many people and why is he still remembered for it? "Ryoma created a well rounded society that was modern and well established" Ryomas personality, his character, his ability to develop relationships and create alliances allowed him to do what few other could not. Ryomas involvmemt in society was evident throughout his life. He was very involved in improving the heirachy in society and improving society as a whole as shown by the eight point plan which was put into society due to him. The eight point plan was eight ideas that the government followed in order to create a well established society and is used in Japanese culture. His want to change society resembled what a large group of society wanted and therefore Ryoma had a large following. Ryoma contributed a lot to society on a political and structural level and his work changed society in a good way for good. Due to this people won't forget his contribution to society which is evident in modern day times. Ryoma was a large influence in the change and evolving of society and Japan has furthermore been remembered for what he has wpdine which is still evident. Ryoma is a historical figure and Japan would not be what it is without him and that is why he is so popular.

What are some important events that influenced Ryomas life? Sakamoto is known for exceptional qualities and changes in society however there there are many challenges and experiences in his life that didn't contribute to society but rather contributed to Ryomas upbringing and the way he saw the world, and contributed to the many reasons why he did things. "Everyone should be treated equally but sadly nobody is" Sakamoto Ryoma was born into a low ranking merchant samurai family and in his early years experienced being bullied at school as well as constantly being abused and messed with by the upper class of samurais. Sakamoto having experienced this often and seeing the unfairness of the social heirachy in society he started to develop the need and want for change in society. He wanted to break down class barriers and unite the country as one. Ryoma furthermore was always thinking and creating plans of how to do this in the future. Ryomas background was a big influence on his future and what he ended up doing with his future. Sakamoto Ryoma experiences many hardships and sufferings in his younger years as well as many other memorable experiences. Many of these experiences influenced Ryoma and the reasons for many of Ryomas passions and visions for the future. We are able to see that Ryomas events and experiences are the reason for his career and how and why it came to be the way it was.




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