SAJC Super Light(OPSPARC 2017)

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SAJC Super Light(OPSPARC 2017)

The SAJC Super Light Is a series of microshutters that will be used to reduce the size of light treatment radiation so that more specific and smaller areas can be treated.

The microshutters have the ablilty to block most the light, yet let certain defined areas through. This can be used to reduce the dosage of radiation in an xray.

A picture of the Original Technology

Design Review

Be a JWST Researcher

The SJAC is a machine capable of concentrating light varying in frequency to a specific location. It will be utilizing the micro shutter technology in the James Webb Space Telescope. It's useful in industries such as the Medical Imaging field. With this technology, it will be able to concentrate waves of imaging to get an accurate image for medical studies.

SAJC Super Light

RESEARCH NOTES1.Can Be used in the Medical Field2. Can be used in the Movie Buisness

The video describes our technology. Some Possible Improvements that we could use include smaller shutters, low power consuption, and made of cheaper materials.

Brainstormed ideas.


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