Saint Therese

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Saint Therese

CannonisationThere is afour step process to Cannonisation.1. Be a servant of God- This means you have to love God in every way.2. Verneble- Roman Catholic3. Beatification- A dead persons enterance into heaven.4. Cannonisation- When you are made a saint.

BackgroundSt Therese was a great lady with a good sole, she was always a saint in the hearts of her peers. St Therese of Lesieux (more commonly known as little flower,) was a french Carmelite Nun. She grew up in Lesiex and loved her home town. Even though she died very young (24,) she was always an inspiration to all during her life and after her death aswell.

Saint Therese

Prayer to Saint Therese Dear St Therese,You are caring and humble.Help me to be caring like you,So that I can be a better person by helping others even when times are tough for myself.Amen

Feast DaysA feast day is a special day where people come together to celebrate a saints spiritual life. Therese has a feast day on the 1st of October after her death on the 30th of September. Therese's feast day celebrates her life and eternity.

Why I chose St Therese I chose St Therese because my great great Aunt Therese was a nun. My family is always telling me what a great lady she was. She believed in the power of prayer, she would spend her whole day praying for our family. I also admire the way Therese devoted her life to God

Patronage Patron Saints are the people we pray to when we need something in particular. Therese is the patron saint of nature because of her love of nature.


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