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Saint Sebastian

According to history, Sebastian was born in Narbonne, Gaul in the third century. He attended school in Milan, Italy as a child. When he was a young man, Sebastian became concerned about the persecution of Christians. He joind the romann army in 283 hoping to find oportunities to encurage the Christians. While he was keeping hiss own Christanity a secret from army leaders he secretly converted many Romans. He encouraged Christians to stay loyal to their faith as the threat of prosecution esclated. When his faith was discovered he was sentenced to death by Emperor Diocletian.


Saint Sebastian convered many Christians during his lifetime.He is the Patron saint of Athletes, Soldiers, Police, Physician and others.He is represented by an arrow.HE lived in the 3rd Century. He died in 287.He was beaten to death with clubs.

Lasting Impact

He was important because he was a martyr and he coverted many romans to christianity.

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Saint Sebastain

Feast Day-January 20th

He was tied to a stake and shot with arrows. His executioners left him for dead, but Sebastian survived.

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