Saint Padre Pio

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Saint Padre Pio

Michael Freier

Padre Pio

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Padre Pio is one of the few Saints to experience the stigmata of Christ, or the wounds that Christ got dying on the cross. This is extraordinary because these wounds never got infected in any way and didn't influence his death in any way. He can be seen with the stigmata below

Padre Pio's real name is Francesco Forgione and was born in Pietrelcina, Italy. Pio remained around that area his whole life due to illnesses. He was a sickly child with many troubles in his early years. His childhood was filled with frequent doctor visits. Pio wanted to become a friar at a very early age. At the age of ten he asked his parents if he could join a local community of monks. He was told that he would need more education before he could join.

Padre Pio was influenced heavily by his parents as they were very devout to their faith. Another influence on him was Saint Pius V, the patron Saint of his hometown, Pietrelcina.

Pio joined the Capuchin friars at the age of 15 in Morcone. He even took the name "Pio" in honor of Pope Pius I when he saw his relic at a local chapel. Throughout his life he was very sick with various illnesses. Brother Pio became a priest in 1910. Pio was even asked to fight in World War in 1915, but was later dismissed because of his health conditions.

Padre Pio was diagnosed with many illnesses in his later life. These illnesses included cancer (which was gone miraculously after 2 treatments for it), arthritis which did not go away, and other things such as the common cold. Pio died on September 23, 1968 of natural causes. Over 100,000 people were at his funeral and he was canonized a Saint on June 16, 2002 by Pope John Paul II. He is an incurruptible

I chose Padre Pio because I already knew about his stigmata and that fascinated me. He lived a very humbIe life and I wanted to use him as a role model of faith and a way to live a better life.

Padre Pio is important to the Church because he teaches people to get trought whatever struggles they have going on in life. Wether it be financial poverty, or illness of your own, Pio should inspire you to keep going on. He is an example of this by having illness his whole life and having the stigmata along with the pain from it for 50 years

Pio is said to have battled with Satan and his minions physically, which he received bruises from.

1887-1968 A.D.Feast Day: September 23Patron Saint: healing/helping



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