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Saint Monica

Monica was born in Souk Arhas, Algeria in 331. Saint Monica was married to a pagan man through an arranged marriage. Her husband's mother came to live with them, and although their life was difficult, Monica prayed for them. Monica's prayers worked and eventually her husband and his mother converted to Catholicism. Monica had three children, Navigius, Perpetua, and Augustine. Navigus and Perpetua joined the religious life, but Augustine proved to be more difficult. Monica persisted in her prayers for Augustine for 17 years. Augustine finally came around and was baptized by St. Ambrose. Augustine went on to become Saint Augustine. Monica died soon after Augustine's baptism in 387 in Ostia Antica, Italy. St. Monica is often referred to as Monica of Hippo.

Saint Monica

Patron Saints of Wives and Abuse VictimsFeast Day: August 27


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