Saint Mary Mackillop

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Saint Mary Mackillop

Saint Mary Mackillop

Patronage Prayers we say to them for there special strengths.* Mary Mackillop is the patron saint of Brisbane* She is also the patron sait of Australia* And of Knights of the southern cross

PrayerPrayer to saaint Mary Mackillop.Dear Saint Mary MackillopYou are healing and humbleHelp me to be healing like youSthat I acan can do great things Amen

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BackgroundSaint Mary Mackillop Lived a good life. *Mary Mackillop was the eldest of eight children*Born on the 15 of January 1842*She died on the 8 of August 1909*Her fathers name is alexander*Her family is from Scotland


Canonisation is when someone is made into a saint.*Venerable: The Vatican decares that the person Lived a heroic life* Blessed: A personis deemed to be interceding on our behalf as he or she enjoys the vision of God in heavenCanonisation: The Pope decrees a person to be a saint normally afterat lest one miracle.

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Feast DaysOn a feast day we celebrate a saint.* Mary Macillop's feast day is the feast of Saint Mary of the Cross

Why Did I Choose This Saint?I chose this saint becuse she is the patron saint of Australia. She was a teacher and a nun.


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