saint margaret ward

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saint margaret ward

Saint Margaret Ward was born in Cheshire, England. Nothing is really known about her early life, except that she visited prisons to comfort Catholics who were in jail for their faith. She and her servant, John Roche were arrested for helping a priest named Father Richard Watson escape from Bridewell Prison by smuggling him a rope and then helping him when he was outside. St. Margaret Ward was put in prison and tortured, but was offered freedom if she would surrender Father Watson and convert to the Church of England. When she said, "No" she was tortured hanged, drawn, and quartered on August 30,1588 in London, England. Saint Margaret Ward's Feast Day is celebrated on August 30th. She is the Patron Saint of single, Catholic women, martyrs and torture victims. Saint Margaret was a brave, Catholic woman who died for her beliefs.

By Julie P.

Saint Margaret Ward



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