Saint Margaret Mary

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Saint Margaret Mary

Saint Margaret Mary

Saint Margaret Mary was born July 22, 1647 in Burgandy, France. At the age 0f 10, she was paralyzed and was bedridden for 5 years. She prayed to the Virgin Mary and was cured. She promised that she would not marry and at the age of 23, she became a nun. From 1673-1688, Saint Margaret began to have visions from Jesus. He wanted her to spread the Devotion to the Sacred Heart within the church. Many people did not believe in the visions, but she continued to teach as Jesus asked, until she died 17 years later. St. Margaret Mary died October 17, 1690. Her tomb is under the alter of a chapel at Paray. Many people visit the chapel hoping to be cured. Today, the Feast of the Sacred Heart is celebrated on October 17th.

Patron Saint of Polio Patients and people devoted to the Sacred Heart

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