Saint Lorenzo Ruiz De Manila

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Saint Lorenzo Ruiz De Manila

About St.Lorenzo St.Lorenzo Ruiz, also known as St.Laurentis Ruiz de Manila or San Lorenzo de Manila, is the first Filipino saint venerated in the Roman Catholic Church, so he is the first christian martyr of the Philippines. St.Lorenzo went to Japan along with three priests. They were all killed for refusing to deny his Roman Catholic beliefs during the persecution of Japanese Christians under the Tokugawa Shogunate in the 17th century.EARLY LIFE St.Lorenzo was born in Binondo, Manila to a Chinese father and a Filipino mother who were both Roman Catholic. They lived in the Chinese section of Manila His father taught him Chinese and his mother taught him Tagalog. He served as an altar boy at the convent of Binondo church. When he grew up, he married a girl named Rosario and they had two sons and a daughter. The Ruiz family lead a generally peaceful, religious and content life. In 1936, St.Lorenzo boarded a ship with three Dominican priests named St.Antonio Gonzales, St.Guillermo Courtet, St. Miguel de Aozaraza, a Japanese priest named St.Vincent Shiwozuka de la Cruz and a lay leper named St.Lazaro of Kyoto. Ruiz and his companions left for Okinawa, Japan on June 10 1636, with the aid of the Dominican fathers and Bl. Father Giovanni Yago.

St.Lorenzo Ruiz De Manila

MARTYRDOM The Tokugawa shogunate was persecuting Christians by the time Ruiz and the missionaries had arrived in Japan. Ruiz and the missionaries were arrested and thrown into prison, and after two years, they were transferred to Nagasaki to face trial by torture. He and his companions faced multiple types of torture. On September 27 1637, Ruiz and his companions were taken to the Nishizaka Hill, where they were tortured by being hung upside down a pit. Ruiz and the missionaries still refused to renounce Christianity and died from blood loss and suffocation. His body was cremated and his ashes thrown into the sea.

St.Lorenzo Ruiz De Manila-Cannonization date: October 18, 1987 Vatican City, Rome-Cannonized by:Pope John Paul II-Born in: Binondo, Manila 1600-Died in: Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture, JapanSeptember 29,1637

"I am a Christian, and this I profess until the hour of my death and for God I shall give my life. Although I did not come to Japan to be a martyr, nevertheless, as a Christian and for God I shall give my life."- St.Lorenzo Ruiz

Patron Saint of:-The Philippines -the poor -separated families -Overseas -Filipino -Workers -Filipinos -Filipino -youth -Chinese-Filipinos -Filipino altar servers -Filipino migrants -Filipino -migrant-workers -Tagalogs-Archdiocese of Manila-Philippines

WEBSITES AND BOOKS USED: _ Ruiz _ id=231 Kit by: Glavich, Sister Mary

Where St.Lorenzo was killed

Facts about St.Lorenzo:-St.Lornezo is also known as St.Laurentis or St.Lawrence-Many places are named after St.Lorenzo Such as San Lorenzo al Mare in Imperia, Italy,San Lorenzo in California, U.S.A. and San Lorenzo Central, Paraguay

Symbol of St.Lorenzo

Binondo Church, (photo below) the main shrine of St. Lorenzo Ruiz

Where St.Lorenzo was bornand where he grew up

Prayer to St.LorenzoDear Beloved St.Lorenzo,Thank you for everything you and your Companion Martyrs did for your Christian faith. I hope I can be courageous like you. Please teach all of us to be brave like you and to still believe in our Catholic faith no matter what, even if it means dying. You are a good example for all of us. Please continue taking care of Filipinos working hard in the Philippines and in other parts of the world. You keep our faith and make it spread around the world and grow strong all around us, because of the fortitude of your faith. Unite all of us as one people help us to work in harmony for development and progress of our faith. You inspire us with your strength to withstand the hardship and the problems of your existence. Thank you for everything you did, Amen.


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