Saint Julia

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Saint Julia

St. Julia

The Fruits of The Holy SpiritCharityJoyPeacePatienceKindnessGoodnessGenerosityGentlenessFaithfulnessModestySelf-controlChasity

The Gifts of the Holy SpiritWisdomUnderstandingCounsel (Right Judgement)Foritude (Courage0knowledgePiety (reverence0Fear of the Lord

St. Julia's feast day is....... May 23

St. Julia is the patron Saint of angels

St. Julia's birthday and death date is unknown but she was alive in 436

About St. Julia Her life was hard. St. Julia was sold as a slave and all she had left was God. She prayed everyday that she would be saved from being a servent to a rich man. She died by having her hair ripped out and then hung on the cross to die.

How the Holy Spirit is in me and my SaintThe Holy Spirit is in me and my saint because I know God is always with me and when I am in trouble. It is also with me when i need help.

Why I chose St. JuliaI chose St. Julia as my saint because when I read her story i was touched by how even though she was misrable St. Julia was still with God

When was St. Julia Canonized?She was not canonized but became a saint by the Christians long before the canonization process was invented. This occurred shortly after the 7th century.

The Prayer of St. JuliaThy lamb, Julia, O Jesus, doth cry unto thee with a loud voice, saying, My Bridegroom, I long for thee and in struggles seek thee. I am crucified and buried with thee in my Baptism, and for thee I do suffer until I reign with thee. I die for thee that I may live in thee. Then as a sacrifice without blemish receive her who for thy sake was slain. Through her intercessions, therefore, since thou art merciful, save our souls.

By: Chloe Ruggiero


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