Saint John Paul II

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Saint John Paul II

Pope John Paul II was born in 1920, October 22 is his feast day. His real name was Carlo Wojtyla.When World War II broke out he worked in the quarry and he also worked in a chemical factory. He was ordained a priest in 1946. He then became a bishop. Once vatican two came alongand he went to all four councils. In 1978 he was elected Pope and he took the name John Paul the 2nd after the name of his past two Popes. In the last years of his life he developed Parkinson's disease, and he figured that there was a lot of people suffering of it, he let people see him that way. Benedict the 16 beatified him in 2011, and Pope Francis Canonized him by 2014


1920 - He was born1946 - He was ordained1978 - He was elected Pope and he took the name John Paul the 2nd after the name of the past two Popes.1986 - He had a day of prayer for world of peace 1989 - He called for a youth day of celebration2005- He diedOctober 22- His Feast Day

*He visited 124 ecumenical countries*He beatified 1,338 people*He went to visit the mosk n prayed there, he wanted to improve relationships between cristians and muslims *While he was pope, he canonized 482 saints*He established diplomatic relations between the holy catholic church (vatican city, inside of Rome,) and Israel.

Lasting Impact

*He was known for traveling the world, and once the plane landed and he was back on earth he would kneel down and kiss the earth. *Pope John Paul was on a tour and he was shot in his Pope Mobile. The man who shot him got arrested and as soon as Pope John Paul was cured he went to the jail to visit the man who shot him and personally told him he was already forgiven.


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Saint John Paul II




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