Saint Catherine Laboure

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Saint Catherine Laboure

Saint Catherine Laboure was born Zoe Laboure in the Burgundy region of France. She was one of nine children who after her mother passed away, claimed that The Virgin Mary was "now her mother."At a young age, she joined the Daughters of Charity and became a member of the nursing order of St. Vincent de Paul.When Catherine was only 24, The Blessed Mother came to her in 3 separate apparitions. (see "The 3 Apparitions" on left)Pope Pius XI Beatified Catherine on May 28, 1933 and was finally cannonized on July 27, 1947 by Pope Pius XII.

The 3 Apparitions

May 2, 1806 - Bornmid 1800's - Joined the Community of Daughters of Charity (Paris, Fance)July 18, 1830 - 1st Apparition1830 - 2nd ApparitionNovember 27, 1830 - 3rd ApparitionDecember 31, 1876 - DiedMay 28, 1933 - BeatifiedJuly 27, 1947 - CannonizedNovember 28 - Feast Day

1st Apparition: The Virgin Mary appeared in the sanctuary & told Catherine how the altar is the source for all consolation.2nd Apparition: The Blessed Mother told Catherine how to act in difficult times & she would be entrusted with a mission that would cause great suffering.3rd Apparition: The Virgin Mary showed Catherine the Immaculate Conception medal. Catherine was to spread the word for devotion to the medal.

Lasting Impact

St. Catherine Laboure still lives on today beacuse the Miraculous Medal is worn by some many believers that call upon The Blessed Mother for her graces.


Saint Catherine LaboureBy: Mrs. Urban


The Life of St. Catherine Laboure


The Miraculous Medal


Front Side: Mary is "Queen of Heaven & Earth". Mary stands on a crushed snake symbolizing the defeat of Satan. The rays of light symbolize the graces bestowed on those who ask for it.

Back Side: "M" stands for Mary & her devotion to Jesus & all of Earth's children. The 2 Hearts stand for the sacred heart of Mary & the blessed heart of Jesus. The "Cross" symbolizes Christ's sacrifice for our salvation. The "bar" symbolizes the Earth. The 12 Stars stand for the Apostles & a reference to the Book of Revelations.


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