Saint Ann, Mother of Mary

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Saint Ann, Mother of Mary

Click the Picture below to discover more about Saint Ann and one of things on her patronage list, grandparents.

Saint Ann

Saint Ann and Mary

A Prayer to Saint AnnGood Saint Ann, you gave birth to Virgin Mary mother of Jesus. You asked God for a baby and through your faith you gave birth to Mary.I can pray to you if I have lost something dear to me.Amen.

Why Did I Choose Her?I have two reasons for my choice, one relating to her and one relating to me. I chose her because Ann is my middle name. I also chose her because she had great faith in God and He promised her a child, her great faith brought her a child and so she was very grateful.

CanonisationCanonisation is the process of becoming a saint, people only become saints once they die. There are four steps to canonisation these four steps are, Servant of God, Veneration, Beatification and Canonisation. Being a servant of God is when a single person is being looked at for future sainthood. Veneration is when people honour the good things that person has done. Beatification is the part when the Pope declares that the person(that is already dead) is in a state of bliss and makes the first big step towards canonisation. Canonisation is when the person is officially made a saint.

PatronagePeople say prayers to certain saints that may have special strengths. Saint Ann was the patron saint of 19 things. She was the patron saint of carpenters, childless people, equestrians, grandparents, homemakers/housewives, lacemakers, lost articles, Fasnia(Tenerife), Mainar, Detroit, miners, mothers, moving house, old-clothes dealers, poverty, pregnancy, seamstresses, stablemen and sterility.

How She became a SaintSaint Ann was made a saint because of her special role in the Christian religion. The pre-congregation decided to make her a saint because she was the one who gave birth to Virgin Mary. Later on Mary gave birth to her son, Jesus.

Birth Place of Saint Ann

BiographySaint Ann led an interesting life, she was chosen by God to have a special role. Saint Ann was childless and she was very old. She had a husband named Joachim who was the shepherd who kept lambs for sacrifices. She longed for a child and prayed, she said 'Why was I born Lord?' then suddenly an angel appeared from heaven and assured her that she would have a child and she must name her Mary. THey dedicated Mary to the temple and so Mary spent a majority of her childhood there. Saint Ann was born in Bethlehem but her death place is unknown.

Feast DaysFeast Days are there to celebrate special events and people. Saint Ann has two consecurive feast days, one on the 25th of July and the other on the 26th of July.

Saint Ann's church in Nong Saeng

References Saint Ann is a saint) List and Feast Days) she became a saint) (video clip when picture pressed)

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