Sailing In The Wild Sea

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Sailing In The Wild Sea

To this trip, you are going to need some things:• Sun Block, cause the sun is terribly strong over there;• Special Clothes to Swim, we will give the things needed to scuba dive, you'll just need to bring the basicWhere? This is located in Praia dos Ingleses, Florianopolis (SC, Brazil)How much? The complete package (that includes the sucuba diving equipment and cable tv in the room) is 420 reais, but it has a cheaper one that is just 250.This video shows how it is.

Get on a three days expedition to swim, suba dive and, mainly, sail. In groups of ten (plus the guide), you are going to stay in a boat, enjoying what the nature does of better.

Scuba Diving

The Room

The Boat


Go on an adventure, enjoy the sea


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