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sahara desert

The Sahara Desert Travel Guide

The Sahara has sand dune feilds, arid mountains,and platues. The sand dunes cover, surprizingly, only 15% of the entire desert.

Climate and vegetation

Nation Facts

Most people are Berber or Arabic. (most of the roots at least.) Islams have been there for thousands of years. Most of the population comes under the Islamic religion.

" Sahara" is desert in arabic. This desert streches from the Atlantic Sea to the Red Sea. Amazingly it's not the biggest desert in the world, Antartica is. The U.S. could fit in to it. Only two million call it home. In 6,000 BC it was fertile farm land.

Ethnic Groups

Desertification is a big one. Desertification can be caused by many things such as climatic changes, over-grazing, and ploughing the land for agriculture. Lots of the impact is oli rigs and military traning too. One Way we could stop this is by moving military camps.

The main ethnic groups are Tuareg they come from the Berber origin. And there is also Tibu. Another group is Arab. Others can be mixed of Berber and Arab.

Landscape Features

In the sahara you have great winds that can reach up to hurrican level. Half of the desert does not even get an inch per year, but the other half gets 4 inches. It's a very dry place. Some plant in the desert are Citrullus colocynthis, palm trees, grasses, and cacti.


Although there is only 2 million people in the Sahara, they have to make a living. Some people rasie crops in an oasis, and others see to sheep and cattle. It's a pretty poor region.


Human Interaction with the environment



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