Sahara Desert

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Sahara Desert


Sahara Desert


-Cacti have spikes all over them to prevent animals from eating them also the spikes help give them shade. The spikes also divert water down to the base of the plant, they have a waxy outer coating that prevents evaporation. They can also store lots of water, which allows them to go long periods with out rain.

-Armadillo lizards nostrils are formed into little tubes to smell out food and predators. It curls itself into a little ball to protect its soft underbelly, tail and head . Its body is flat to fit under rocks to hide from predators.


-Ants unlike any known land animal can live permanently with a body temp of 50 degrees Celsius and at a surface temp of 70 degrees Celsius. Interesting fact acts measurer the suns angle to identify where his nest is.

-Camel have humps made of fatty tissue that help them survive for long periods of time without water. Camels also have 2 rows of long eyelashes that help keep sand out of there eyes. They have leathery pads on their knees so it won’t burn when kneeling in the sand and there feet are very broad so they won’t sink into the sand.

The Sahara is extremely DRY and HOT, daytime temperatures especially in the summer are the hottest in the world at 58 degrees Celsius this is because it also receives a lot of sunshine due to the lack of clouds in the area.

Over time the desert gets shaped by harsh wind and sand storms which create sand dunes and sand seas.


Click Here for a Power Point on the Sahara Deserts Geography!


By Jared Christensen &Chris Hoe


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