Safety on The Internet

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"As consumers we must be aware of our surrounding when it comes to identity theft. One way to protect ourselves from identity theft is by never giving out personal information to anyone we do not know in person or over the phone. It is also a good idea to destroy all credit card information, bank statements, tax information and financial information. Carrying your social security card around is not a good idea either. If your purse or wallet is stolen your social security card and be used to open credit cards and bank loans. Never respond to emails from band or credit card companies. The link to "fake websites are designed to look like your banks website but are actually designed to steal your username and password. For more information you can follow the link provided below to provide more information about identity theft". (Internet Safety Center)

Identity Theft

Safety on The Internet


Passwords*Never keep passwords and pin numbers together*Use capital letters, numbers, and special characters when creating passwords*Passwords should be at least 6 - 9 characters

Cyberbullying through . . .text messages/instant messaging . . . . blogs . . . . social network sites . . . . (twitter, facebook, myspace)online gaming . . . . . email . . . . cell phone . . . .What is cyberbullying?


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