Safety in Science

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Safety in Science


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Safety Rules



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Safety Equipment

1) Wear goggles to protect your eyes from chemicals and germs.2) Wear an apron to keep from ruining your clothing.3) Wear gloves to keep you hands clear of any germs in the lab.4) Keep long hair back in a ponytail.5) Wear shoes to protect your feet from glass.


Following directions can help because without safety many people may get hurt and even paralysed.

Question: How do we stay safe using safety equipment in science?Answer: We can wear safty equipment to cover our clothing. We can also listen to instructions and tell a teacher if something is broke or has spilled.

1) Know where the fire extinglisher is located.2) Tell an adult if something has spilled of broken.3) Always wear safty equipment.4) Treat any clas pets with care when being handled.5) Do not eat or drink in a science lab.6) Dispose all garbage and trash into a trash can.7) Only do experiment with a teacher present.8) Wash your hands before and after an experiment.9) Never remove any unknown chemicals from the lab without permission.10) Dress properly in a lab while doing experiments.


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