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Safe Haven

- The climax is the point of the highest emotional intensity in the story.-The Climax in this movie is when Katie's husband finds her and their fight leads to Alex's store catching on fire.

- The setting is the time and place of the story that is being told.- This film is set in Southport, North Carolina.

- The protaganist is the main character or "good guy" and the antagonist is the one against them or the "bad guy".- In Safe Haven:--Protagonist- Katie/Erin--Antagonist- Kevin Tierney( her husband)


-Conflict means the stuggle between two opposing forces.-The conflict in Safe Haven is that Katie is trying to stay hidden from her abusive husband thats searching for her.




-- A flashack is when a scene interrupts the current moment to show what happened earlier in time.- Katie has many moments throughout where she thinks back to the time where her husband abused her and she had to stab him to get away.


-Symbolism is when an object has a deeper meaning than what it seems.- When Alex gave Katie the bike, it symbolized the beginning of friendship and later grew to be more serious.


- This is the quality of the work that makes the audience tense about the upcoming events.- One suspenseful part in this movie was when it showed Kevin finding her with Alex on the fourth of July.

-The point of view is the point from where the story is being told.- This is told in first person, seeing through Katie's eyes even though she herself isnt telling the story.


- The theme is the main idea or lesson from a story.-For this movie, the theme is to always perservere or never quit, no matter what life throws at you.

- Irony is when the end result of a situation turns out differently than was expected.- It was ironic in Safe Haven how the girl that Katie became good friends with, Jo, turned out to never be there and was Alex's late wife.





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