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Sadie Bjornsen

Sadie Bjornsen is a 24-year-old female cross country skiier. She stands 5'9 and is 146 pounds. Sadie was born November 21, 1989, in Omak, Washington. Her hometown is Winthrop, Washington. Sadie goes to Alasaka Pacific University and is studying for a degree in accounting.Today Sadie lives in Anchorage, Alaska. She loves techno music, drinking ice water and dancing. She also likes spending time in the mountains sking, biking and climbing. She grew up next door to Olympic skier Laura McCabe. Her brother Erik is also on the U.S. ski team.


2013* World Cup at Lahti, Finland, 10k classic, 18th place* World championships, 4x5km relay, fourth place 2012* World Cup in Dusseldorf, Germany, team sprint, silver medalist2011* World championships, team sprint, 9th place* U.S. 10k classic champion

Sadie has been a member of the U.S. ski team for three years. This is her first Olympics. In Socchi for the Olympic Winter Games, she has already come in 31st in women's 7.5/7.5k skiathlon and 18th in women's 10k classic.


Sadie Bjornsen



In her own words

"Being outdoors and competing in many sports all year allowed me to develop an athletic lifestyle filled with lots of different types of races and competitions.”


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