Sacred Pipe

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Sacred Pipe

What items are used during the ritual?

The items that are used with this object are burned herbs. The herbs can be lit and the smoke fanned with a large feathers. Another option for users are also pure tabacco. But if the user does. They must choose a high quality pure tabacco such as a twist of dried leaves.

What is practiced during this ritual?

the scared pipe is also known as a peace pipe. This item needs to be blessed and awakened before it is first used. The process is when a pipe carrier blows smoke onto your pipe. Once thats done. As the tobacco is lit on fire, inhaled and exhaled as smoke, it gives offers and blessings. They are performed in nursing homes, hospitals, prisons, universities, protest gatherings, and political meeting.

The pipe was brought to the people 19 generations ago by a White Buffalo Calf Women. The seven tribes of the Lokata nation were starving and had no luck of hunting. She instructed to the people how to balance with nature and caring for the pipe. When the pipe was used to ask the buffalo to sacrifice himself so that the people could eat, the bufalo returned and the people were able to eat well.

The origin of the pipe

Sacred Pipe


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