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c. 1788-1812-Born in Bitterroot Mtns. of East-Central Idaho and Western Montana-Lemhi Shoshone interpreter

Road to the Lewis & Clark Expedition-Sacajawea's involvement with Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were by chance happenings.-At 13, she was kidnapped by an enemy tribe and was sold to another tribe named the Mandan-At 17, she became the wife of French-Canadian fur trader Toussaint Charbonneau-After President Jefferson's purchase of the Louisiana Territory, Lewis and Clark left from St. Louis, Missouri in May 1804, who met Charbonneau and hired Sacajawea as an interpreter.-The expedition began from Fort Mandan in April 7, 1805.-August 1805, Sacajawea reunited with her brother in Three Forks, MO, who gave the explorers horses, helped them cross the Rocky Mountains, through the Snake River, all the way to the Pacific Ocean in November 1805.

Role in the Corps of Discovery-Corps of Discovery 1804 to 1806-William Clark described Sacajawea as "reconciliation to Indians" and "a token of peace".-Sacajawea uplifted the morale of the members of the corps, exhibited courage, showed resourcefulness, friendliness, and calmness.-She used a combination of English, French, sign language, and Shoshone languages.-As an interpreter, Sacajawea taught Lewis and Clark how to use horses to travel across the Continental Divide (in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico).-She added to the expedition's food rations with edible wild and medicinal plants.-She also identified landmarks and guided the party in the correct direction by being able to recognize moccasin prints and other signs of nearby tribes.-Sacajawea served as a diplomat to the Indians.-Her geographical knowledge of the Rocky Mountains to the Bozeman Pass was most important.

Notoriety-Exactly when or where she died is unknown.-It is believed she died in present-day South Dakota from disease in 1812.-Sacajawea's fame was long forgotten until the early 20th century rise of the women's suffrage movement.-She has a river, mountain, and pass named after her.-2000: the U.S. Mint put her image on the Golden Dollar Coin.-She is most credited for the success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

FUN FACTSacajawea's other names include: -Boinaiv ("grasswoman") -Wadze Wipe ("lost woman")-Porivo ("chief woman")-Janey-Sacagawea ("owl woman/bird woman")



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