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Sacagawea's Story

Hi. My name is Sacagawea. I am part of the Lemhi Shoshone Tribe. In 1800, when I was 12 years old, I was kidnapped by the Hidatsa Tribe. When I was about 16, I married Toussiant Charbonneau and became one of his wives. Me and my husband werer then hired by Lewis and Clark to be translators for them. When I was 17, I gave birth to my son Jean Baptiste on February 11, 1805. On December 20, 1812, when I was 24, at Fort Manuel, I gave birth to my daughter Lisette. I died soon after. Clark was then the guardian of my 2 children.


Birth:1788Event: Got kidnapped by Hidatsa in 1800Event:Gave birth to Jean Baptiste in 1805Death:1812

On May 14, my husband almost capsized the boat I was on. I was calm and retrieved the important papers,instruments, and other valuable things. I helped in making food, medicine, and clothing. I was an interpreter on the expedition. I also negotiated with the Shoshone tribe for horses.

Lasting Impact

Without me, we wouldn't be here. I helped Lewis, Clark, and the Corps of Discovery expand the Northwest Reigon.


Sacagawea's Story

The Summary of My Life



And a special thanks to Mrs. West for helping us!

3 Fun FactsSome records say that I left to reunite with the Shoshone tribe. There is a statue of me in North Dakota.I was sold and I married Toussaint Charbonneau because he was nice.



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