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You have probably been through some hard times in your life,but picture this.You’re a teenager only 15 or 16 years old helping a group of people you have only known for a little while explore the west side with a baby boy on your back,not a lot of people have done it but one women………. Sacagawea.Over 400 years ago in 1788 a Native American baby girl named Sacagewea was born into the Shoshoni tribe.With her dark hair and eyes she looked just like all the other native american girls.Like all the other Native Americans Sacagewea had a tribe name,Bird Women it meant Girl Of The Shining Mountains.At a young age Sacagewea became friends with a girl with the qualities of her name,Antelope. THE DAY SHE NEVER FORGOTOne day in 1799 Sacagawea,Antelope,and both of the girls tribes were searching and hunting for food,Sacagawea and Antelope were up in a tree getting honey from a hive.Sacagawea spotted something in the distance,a horse,but not a horse from the Shoshoni tribe neither was the rider he was holding a club and heading straight for Sacagawea's mother! “Mama!’’ she yelled but she was too late,all she could think about was how her mother fell to the ground a puddle of blood surrounding her.Sacagawea couldn’t stop staring until Antelope broke her focus ‘’Sacagawea come on!’’Antelope yelled quickly sliding down the tree trunk.Sacagawea followed but suddenly Antelope disappeared, Sacagawea kept running and then she heard rustling leaves behind her it was Antelope.Once they reached the stream Antelope obediently started to jump across the rocks.Sacagawea followed but was quickly yanked back by her hair. suddenly she was pulled up to notice that a member of the Hidatsa was trying to cut her braid,if that happened she would be killed by the rocks below her.”Antelope, help!’’ Sacagawea screamed.Antelope heard her friend’s cry and quickly turned to help,Antelope ran,jumped,and dug her fingers into his eyes then suddenly everything went quiet.When she opened her eyes she saw a whole new world, everything was different.She stood up but couldn’t move,she noticed a long silver rusted chain around her arms and legs.Then she turned and saw Antelope had the same problem.They had been kidnapped. Her and Antelope spent the whole day trying to break free and by the time the sun disappeared they were out of energy.’’I’m going to get out of here if it’s the last thing I do!’’ Antelope said.Sacagawea could hear the anger in her voice and the fire in her eyes.Sacagawea slowly put her head down and slowly closed her eyes.Sacagawea awoke to the sun in her face,her sight was blurry through the blurs she thought she saw broken chains and a broken window but that couldn’t be,she wiped her eyes,it was true Antelope had escaped! The hidatsa sent three men to search for Antelope and three men stayed to guard.Sacagawea was nervous,if Antelope was caught she would be put to death!HOW SACAGAWEA MET LEWIS AND CLARK When Sacagawea was a hidasten slave a german hunter won her on an auction and the german hunter was hired as a guide,and interpreter and he brought sacagawea with him on the long journey and she then became part of the corps of discovery and she was a really big help and a really big addition to the expedition.When Sacagawea was part of the expedition she was the most useful,and helpful member without sacagawea they probably would never have even made it to the mississippi river and back at all. THE HARDSHIPS SACAGAWEA FACEDIn Feb 1805 Sacagawea gave birth to a baby boy named Jean-Baptiste.One hardship Sacagawea faced was caring for her baby and helping lewis and clark on their journey.Another hardship was trying to teach the other native americans that the expedition was peaceful and was not trying to attack their tribe and this was a hardship because many tribes thought a native american women would never travel with white people unless she was captured by them. Sacagawea was and still is an inspiration to many people.


1788 - Sacagawea was born1799 - Captured by Hidasta1804 - Went with Lewis & Clark 1805 - Her son, Jean-Baptiste, was bornSpring 1805 - Expedition beganJune 3, 1805 - They reached the Marias RiverAugust 11, 1805- They found the Shoshoni TribeAugust 18, 1805 - Helped Lewis & Clark trade with other tribesSeptember 1806- Reached St. LouisDecember 20, 1812 - Sacagawea died

Sacagawea made it on the Native American dollar coin.Succsessfully guided Lewis and Clark across the west side

Lasting Impact

Wemen are leaders too.


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