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When Sacagawea went to her home town she saw the chief and she relized the chief was her brother then she saw her best friend! Her brother told her that the rest of her family died in the war. Then when she went farther she got sick with a high fever and she was sick for 23 days. After she felt better they reached the massori river the water drops 400 feet. They had to pull the boats up the river. They made wheels to pull the boats up the river just then rain poured down and the baby carrier fell of and pomp was in her arms so pomp was safe.

When Sacagawea was 10 or 12 she got kidnapped by the minnetaree indians. She was born ethir 1889 or 1890 the exact date is not kwon she was born in the shoshone clan. When she was 15 she got married and was 9 months pregnet when Lewis and Clark asked for her to go on the expadion. Then she gave birth to a heathy baby named pomp before she gave birth she had to dirnk powder from a rattlesnaks tail. afer pomp was born Sacagawea went to her home town.

After the expadition she gave birth to a baby girl named Lessete Sacagawea died when Lessete was a toddler

SACAGAWEAHave you herd of sacagawea?Well she is an amazing woman! Sacagawea was a shoshone Indian.She helped american explorers Lewis and Clark expadition. She was 16 and she made one of the most remarkable trips in american history!


on the expadition it rained hard. So that why i putt a rain drop

The gold 1 $ coin with her face on it came out in the year 200

Did you know that saca means bird and wea means woman so people call her bird woman

Before sacagawea gave birth to pomp she had to drink a powder made from a rattlesnakes tail. Ten minuetes later she cgave birth to a heathy baby boy

Work CitedJudith Bloom Fradin. Who Was Sacagawea, Publish by Grosset & Dunlap Published in the year 2002.print.



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