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Uchenna Egbujor


Sacagawea helping Lewis and Clark on their expedition.

Sacagawea traveled on the expedition with her baby Jean-Baptiste.

A portrait of Sacagawea.

the map that Sacagawea and Lewis and Clark used for their expedition .

Sacagawea was born sometime around 1790. She is known for her role in assisting the Lewis and Clark expedition. She and her husband were guides from the Great Plains to the Pacific Ocean and back. She did served as the interpreter and negotiator to the Shoshone tribe – that was led by her brother Cameahwait. She helped them obtain important supplies and horses while she carried her baby boy on her back. Sacagawea helped identify edible plants and herbs and prevented hostile relations with other tribes simply by being with the expedition. She was even more important on the return trip because she was familiar with the areas in which they were traveling and was able to guide the expedition back safely. Lewis and Clark received credit for discovering hundreds of animals and plants that Sacagawea had probably seen for years. Sacagawea was a major part to the Lewis and Clark expedition. She died giving birth ot her baby girl Lisette.


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