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She was the Shoshone Indian thatAided Lewis and Clark.Charbonneau and she wentAlthough she was expecting a baby. SheGot to revisit her tribe,And although she could've stayed, sheWent along with the Corps of Discovery.Ever helpful to the expedition, she will beAlways remembered.

"Bird Woman"

Born: 1789Died: 1812


Acrostic Poem


Sacagawea, born approximately in 1789, has died from a putrid fever shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Lisette, in 1812, at the age of 26. Her life was simple enough before the Minnetaree captured her and sold her to French-Canadian fur trapper, Toussaint Charbonneau. Then came along Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, who opened up an opportunity for Sacagawea to play a vital role in the Corps of Discovery. When the men were sick, she nursed them back to their feet, when there was no food, she provided food using her 'plant finding' skills, and when the boat tipped over and the supplies were floating away, she gathered nearly all of it. The Shoshone Indian will always be remembered as an important woman in history.

-Everything I do is for my people.-I have travelled a long way to see the great waters. Now that you are going to see the monstrous fish, I think it very hard that I cannot go.


-Clark called her Janey.-When she died, Clark took care of her two children.-When a whale washed up on shore, she made sure to Clark that she would go see too.-Clark absolutely adored her son, Jean Baptiste, or Pomp, as he called him.-Her brother became chief of the Shoshone.-Being a woman in a group of men showed that they were friendlies.




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